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Eurox 5 Stage UV

Stage 1
The first layer of 10 micron p.p fibre pre carbon filter is to filter impurities of bigger size e.g. Ferrous metal, sand micro-organisms etc.

The second filter cartridge of 5 micron p.p absorbing chlorine, methtychloroform, chemical material and odur from water.

Stage 3
The third chamber is activated carbon. Active carbon obsorbs the odr, smell, chemicals, orgochemicals, weeds killer, insecticides protein, fat, insect repellents, chlorine etc.

Stage 4
Post acticated carbon clean water will pass through precise activated carbon while enhance the water natural flavour and suitable for human consumption.

Stage 5
Ultraviolet treatment which eliminating water borne disease causing bacteria and viruses.
Storage Tank
Purification Capacity
UV Lamp
Min Net Water Pressure
Max Net Water Pressure
Input Voltage
Operating Voltage
Booster Pump
Post UF Memvrne
upto 60-80Lph
0.3 Kg/
3.0 Kg/
220-230 V

Our company follows a policy of continous development hence specification are subject to change without notice
1. Raw water should be free from iron, heavy metals, oil, grease & free chlorine.
2. In case of higher pressure, use of pressure reducing value is recommended.
3. Raw water temperature should be between 10c to 45c.
4. Total dissolved solids in feed water should not exceed 2000ppm
5. # flow rate depends on raw water TDS.