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Eurox Diamond

Stage 1 Sediment Filter
The filter uses 10 micron polypropylene filter, to remove like dust, dirt, sand to improve quality of water and protect membrane.

Stage 2 Anti-Scalant Balls
The anti-scalant balls keeps the water scale - free and increases the life of membrane.

Stage 3 Pre Sediment Filter
Remove small dust particles from water to protect the membrane.

Stage 4 Carbon Filter (Block)
Removes bacteria and suspended impurities & enhances colour/odour.

Stage 5 R.O. Membrane
Semi purified water is passed through world renowned Reverse Osmosis membrance with 0.0001 micron pores. Dissolved Salts, heavy metals and impurities are reduced by 90%.

Stage 6 TDS Adjuster & Ultraviolet
TDS Adjuster System retains essential natural minerals in purifies water and Ultraviolet treatment which eliminating water borne disease causing bacteria and viruses.
Storage Tank
Purification Capacity
UV Lamp
Min Net Water Pressure
Max Net Water Pressure
Input Voltage
Operating Voltage
Booster Pump
Post UF Memvrne
8 Litres
upto 8-12Lph
0.3 Kg/
3.0 Kg/
220-230 V
36/24V DC
100 psi, 24 V DC

Our company follows a policy of continous development hence specification are subject to change without notice
1. Raw water should be free from iron, heavy metals, oil, grease & free chlorine.
2. In case of higher pressure, use of pressure reducing value is recommended.
3. Raw water temperature should be between 10c to 45c.
4. Total dissolved solids in feed water should not exceed 2000ppm
5. # flow rate depends on raw water TDS.